China, Jiangmen

Bank Of China Enping Sub- Branch
Jianmen Enping City En City Town Xin Ping Mid. St.78 (529400)
Available transaction types:

Cash Pickup


pay-out in EUR: 25,00 PLN +3,50 EUR +0.60%
pay-out in USD: 25,00 PLN +5,00 USD +0.60%

Additional info:

DELIVERY Time: from 48 hours to 10 business days - by cash (the delivery time depends on the distance of branches from the head office of the bank); from 48 hours - to the bank account. bank of china doesn`t change the status of the transfer in the program to `paid`, if the transfer is really paid out to the beneficiary. the actual statuses of transfers will be updated in the system as soon as the receiver`s bank provides us with such information.

PUBLIC holidays: the delay in payment can be observed due to the holidays.

LIMITS of money transfer payouts:
no limits

REQUIREMENTS to money transfer registration:
attention: the language of transfer registration is english only. there are two ways to make transfers to bank of china: 1) to the bank account: - beneficiary : full name of the beneficiary (bene`s name should be the same as in the id presented by the bene for payout), - account nr., it should be opened in the destination branch. by cash: beneficiary: - full name of the beneficiary (bene`s name should be the same as in the id presented by the bene for payout), -phone nr (only chinese numbers: home phone nr - 7 or 8 digits; cell phone - 11 digits); - id data (for chinese residents you should indicate the id of the bene - letters and digits; for non-residents in accordance with id) !!! attention: do not enter institution and date of issuance !!! - address of the bene in china, `attention`: the sum above 20000 usd and its equivalent in euros can be sent only to the beneficiaries bank account. attention: in case of the transfer into the bank account, bank of china is authorised to refuse in changes to prosess the transfer as cash payment. according to rules of unistream, participants shall independently bear expenses related to their need for specification of information and cancellation of transfers sent to a number of countries wherein such services are subject to payment. for transfers in usd: amend items 10.00 usd, inquiry items 20.00 usd,inquiry items for transfers from 1 to 3 month 30.00 usd, inquiry items for transfers from 3 month 50.00 usd. for transfers in eur: amend items 7.00 eur, inquiry items 15.00 eur,inquiry items for transfers from 1 to 3 month 20.00 eur,inquiry items for transfers from 3 month 35.00 eur. the status “rejected” of the notice in the unistream system means that the notice is processed.

DOCUMENT requirements:
passport. attention: unistream system and the code of the transfer mustn`t be mentioned while taking the transfer. while cash to cash transfers, the transfer is paid out according to passport or id details, so the beneficiary must produce passport/id

CASH to account:

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